Get QuakeLive Plugin working in Firefox 4 on Linux

Mon 25 April 2011 by Frank Lazzarini

For all of those out there who have problems getting the QuakeLive plugin to work with Firefox 4 in Linux here's a little how to on getting it up and running. When you go to the page and you don't have the plugin installed yet, the page tries ...

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Easter Eggs in gentoo

Sun 24 April 2011 by Frank Lazzarini

As it is easter time, I though I would compile a list of funny easter eggs that you can find in Gentoo. Why gentoo, cause I simply love this distro, it's all about customization/optimization and knowing what's really going on on your system. I used to be ...

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Rename white spaces in folders to dots

Tue 15 March 2011 by Frank Lazzarini

Don't you just hate when you get a copy of a scene release from somewhere and the guy that gave it to you "descened" the release folder, i.e out of Something.other.than.Potato.HDTV.XviD became Something other than Potato HDTV XviD. So how to fix this ...

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Useful Wallpaper for Linux newbies

Wed 09 March 2011 by Frank Lazzarini

Today, I stumbled over this really useful wallpaper (if you are a newbie), which is a list of useful Linux commands. Use this as your default background and if you have some spare time hanging arround on your desktop you can read up a few commands, their meaning and their ...

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Multiple Firebird Servers on Ubuntu

Mon 21 February 2011 by Frank Lazzarini

In this tutorial I will show you how to install multiple separate Firebird 2.1 servers on a single Host, lets just say you are short on budget and you want to have your testing/integration database running on the same environment as your production database, which is usually not ...

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Openvpn Server Failover with Drbd, Heartbeat and Pacemaker

Fri 18 February 2011 by Frank Lazzarini

I recently needed to experiment with a setup of having a highly available Openvpn server, as one of our clients asked for this. As I've just got this working I thought I would share with the world how I managed to get this setup working. I won't go ...

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Install Firebird 1.5 Classic Server on Ubuntu 64bit

Mon 22 February 2010 by Frank Lazzarini

In Ubuntu versions > 8.04 you will encounter the problem that there are no more packages of Firebird 1.5 Classic Server available in the package repository. Therefore we need to install all dependencies and all packages manually. Firebird 1.5 only exists in 32bit which results in even more ...

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How to get Skype 2.1 working with your webcam on Ubuntu Karmic 9.10 32/64bit

Thu 21 January 2010 by Frank Lazzarini

So I recently tried to install skype on my new Ubuntu Installation as I found out that skype wasn't available anymore in the medibuntu repositories for Karmic. So I installed the official deb package for Ubuntu 8.04 from the official skype website. All just seemed to be working ...

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Change zone files with sed

Thu 17 December 2009 by Frank Lazzarini

As we had to move our server roma from to our home, and as roma serves as dns server, we had to change IPs and serials in all the zone files. Therefore we forged together some regular expressions to use with sed. sed is a stream editor for ...

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Crontab fun Decipher the following

Sat 14 November 2009 by Frank Lazzarini

I've been croning a lot lately, and this is one cool combination of cron which I haven't thought was possible. In this example you see how powerful cron can be. Defying a lot specific rules in just one line of syntax. So let's come to it ... try ...

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