Using your luxtrust token with Ubuntu 11.10

Wed 29 February 2012 by Frank Lazzarini

For those of you out there not living/working in Luxembourg a short introduction. Luxtrust is a company based in Luxembourg selling authenication tokens or cards to use in combination with your online banking. The login they use is done via a Java Applet which is all fine so far ...

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Amazing uptime so far at Linode

Mon 13 February 2012 by Frank Lazzarini

Here a prove of how awesome the hosting @ linode really is. If you are looking for a hosting provider which offers a lot with an easy to use dashboard to configure/install your OS, look no further. I had my machine running for more than 470 days, but I had ...

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Simple Conky configuration PlainConky

Tue 31 January 2012 by Frank Lazzarini

Hey you all out there, today I want to show off my very simple but nice conky setup that I use on my Laptop. The layout is fairly small to match the resolution of my laptop's monitor. The configuration uses only conky functions and uses the fonts Terminus and ...

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Drbd partition mount check bash one liner

Tue 10 January 2012 by Frank Lazzarini

This is just a quick tip for you out there that use DRBD in simple Primary/Secondary mode and need to check whether a script is executed on the node which is currently Primary and has the Drbd Filesystem mounted. Let's just say you need to copy stuff onto ...

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Python Kinterbasdb from source on ubuntu

Fri 30 December 2011 by Frank Lazzarini

This is a little tutorial about how to compiler python-kinterbasdb from source in ubuntu, due to the fact that the official packages are broke. First off you need the following dependencies build-essentials, python-dev, firebird2.1-dev.

root@linuxbox:~$ apt-get install build-essential python-dev firebird2.1-dev

Afterwords download the latest package from https ...

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Rsync your backup files from a Linux box to a Windows box using cwrsync

Tue 04 October 2011 by Frank Lazzarini

Have you ever had the need to do an rsync from a Linux box to a Windows machine and googled around, tried it with cygwin, but you didn't want to install the whole cygwin environment. Well I have a solution just for you. The guys from ITeF!x put ...

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Get QuakeLive Plugin working in Firefox 5 on Linux

Thu 30 June 2011 by Frank Lazzarini

As Firefox 5 got released for linux, and as most of you already switched to it I wanted to update my earlier post about getting the QuakeLive Plugin to work on Firefox 4 . Not much changed, basically all you need to do is changed the maxVersion in the install.rdf ...

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Wep Wifi Hacking

Thu 23 June 2011 by Frank Lazzarini

Finally a few days off work...due to the national holiday in Luxembourg I took the opportunity to take a few extra days, to spend some time on the coast of Belgium with my girlfriend. But don't you just hate that when you are on vacation and you want ...

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Firebird Nagios plugin

Fri 20 May 2011 by Frank Lazzarini

At work we use a lot of Firebird databases, and so far our system admins checked the availability of a Firebird Database by simply trying to connect via telnet to the port 3050 and see if they would get a response. With this kind of check you can't really ...

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Weekly folder of your new files

Sat 14 May 2011 by Frank Lazzarini

Do you know the problem, you have a massive directory with tons of media data, and after work you want to watch the latest episode of your favorite show, and you jump into that directory knowing that there is a new episode, but that directory is cramped up with so ...

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