ArchLinux XBMC

Welcome to my ArchLinux XBMC project. This project is just an experiment of mine, that I wanted to try out how fast I could get a Linux installation to work with XBMC installed onto it. The installation should boot as fast as possible and should of course autoboot into XBMC. Well I played arround a little bit and after a day or two I had an already bloody as hell fast booting installation, which made me happy. ArchLinux is perfect for that kind of installations cause it doesn't load any bloat and it's just so customizable. For testing purposes I've tried everything inside of a Virtual Machine in VirtualBox and because of the glory of virtual machines I am sharing my xbmc machine with you. If you want to play arround with it modify it or even use it feel free. I am trying to keep this page update if I add changes to the machine, or find some tweaking stuff that I can do with it to make boot even faster.

Main objectives

  • Autoboot to XBMC
  • Boot fast
  • Flexible to extend

Virtualbox Image Details

  • Username: root
  • Password: root
  • Download: here